Code of Conduct

​At Eileen Madson Primary School we focus on keeping all students safe and helping them to grow up to be kind responsible citizens.  We have adopted the "Bucket Filling" philosophy as a tool to reinforce the idea that words we use and the choices we make have a direct influence on others and we integrate this philosophy into all aspects of social responsibility.  Our goal is to be a school where students are free from harm, where clear expectations of acceptable behaviour are held and met, and where all students feel they belong (this is in accordance with the BC Human Rights Code). Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at school, while going to and from school, and while attending any school function at any location.  They are ambassadors of our school.

At Eileen Madson Primary school we expect all members of our school community to:

  1. Take care of yourself
    • Give your best in all you do.
    • Attend school daily and on time.
    • Make healthy choices
  2. Take care of others
    • Value all people
    • Be kind and polite to all
    • Follow classroom and school rules
  3. Take care of this place
    • Take care of your property
    • Take care of others' property       
    • Take care of school and public property​
  4. Take care of our world
    • Recycle
    • Don't waste
    • Shine - be ​​a positive person